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Short Story About Our Company


The Odenthal Group, LLC was formed by Stan Odenthal as a way to actively apply many of the lessons he has learned about organizational management and workforce development in his experience working in various government executive positions. We are working to build talent and organizational solutions to enhance and revolutionize how workforce development is implemented at the local, state, and national level. We prioritize strategic planning that focuses on collective impacts through proactive collaborations and  data-driven decision making.



One of the primary goals of The Odenthal Group is to develop better talent and workforce solutions nationwide through the creation and aggregation of online resources for workforce development organizations. In order to accomplish that goal, The Odenthal Group will be unveiling two new websites in near future:  www.workforceKO.com and www.boardKO.com.

Our team has extensive experience working with local, state, and federal partners in the areas of workforce-related and education-related legislation, regulations, and policies. This includes numerous collaborations with local and state workforce boards operating under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Additionally, our company’s work focuses on providing strategy, marketing, and consulting solutions to organizations to help improve workforce development at a local, state, and national level. This effort prioritizes strategic planning that focuses on collective impacts through proactive collaborations and data-driven decision making.




‘Stan is the consummate business consulting professional as he knows how to put everyone at ease the moment he enters the room. He is diligent about collecting information and has considerable knowledge on workforce strategy. Stan always helped implement the practical applications for our organization.’


‘Stan’s knowledge of WIOA is impressive, his writing skills superb, his communication techniques and strategies effective, and his overall passion for workforce development contagious.’


‘Stan was instrumental in creating an Intranet for employees and Commissioners. This allowed us to easily manage calendars and communications not only with the employees in geographically diverse offices, but provide necessary information to our Commissioners…’


‘Stan is a creative problem solver who can bring unique ideas and concepts to the table. He has a proven ability to deliver high quality work in stressful situations while maintaining a positive attitude that is infectious. He also has a great way of keeping everyone updated on any changes he has made to his initial recommendations.’


‘What Mr. Odenthal accomplished during his short time with the agency was impressive. He made improvements that increased communication accuracy and speed between internal workers and external citizens, created a system that reduced duplication, errors, and streamlined processes to save time and money, and improved morale of the entire organization through thoughtful, respectful, mentoring, training, and solid leadership.’


‘Stan was instrumental in helping change the way the organization did business by updating the intake process. Stan organized a taskforce of agency investigators to review practices in other states and worked closely with the agency leadership team and Commissioners to design a new process that better utilizes all agency personnel.’


‘Working closely with Stan, I appreciated his organizational skills, his firm but friendly leadership style, his ability to discover and use new technologies, his willingness to innovate, and his wit…I would not hesitate to work with him again on a project should the opportunity arise.’


Stan brings some of the greatest ideas to fruition. He’s constantly collaborating with partners, businesses, and other organizations to create strategies that not only improve processes and save money for your business, but also benefit your employees in order to build stronger customer relations…Stan has an unbelievable amount of knowledge when it comes to WIOA and local boards. With Stan’s assistance, we were able to partner with other grant funding in order to serve more participants.’


Our Team


Stan Odenthal

CEO and Chief Strategist

Linda Black

Economic Development Consultant

Kelsey Miller

Workforce Development Consultant

Steve Odenthal

Technology Consultant

Our Mission and Values


Our Mission

Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to be more proactive strategically in their approach to workforce, talent, and organizational issues.

Our Experience

Our team has held a number of high level government positions and has extensive experience in public policy, government relations, training, workforce development.

Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs. We apply lessons, learned, best practices, and comparative research to develop the best approach to helping each client with their individual needs..

Our Technology Solutions

We work to develop the best technology solutions to meet the needs or industry. The Odenthal Group owns and operates websites built to provide better solutions to governments, nonprofits, and businesses, including www.workforceKO.com and www.boardKO.com

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